The recommendations in the Positive Learning publication were authored by Linnea Renton (independent consultant) based on input from a Global Consultative Group convened by UNESCO, the Global Network of People Living with HIV (GNP+) and the Global Network of Young People Living with HIV (Y+ Global). The Global Consultative Group was made up of over 60 stakeholders including government representatives, teachers, UN civil society and young people in all their diversity.

Special thanks go to the following members, who provided key input at each stage of the drafting process: Maria-Jose Alcala Donegani (UNAIDS), Wole Ameyan (WHO), Alice Armstrong (UNICEF), Uluk Batyrgaliev (Reproductive Health Alliance of Kyrgyzstan), Georgina Caswell (GNP+), Florencia Ceballos (J+ LAC), Christophe Cornu (UNESCO), Alexandra Ilieva (UNESCO), Gareth Jones (UNAIDS/Youth Coalition for SRHR), Julian Kerboghossian (Adolescent Treatment Coalition), Anita Kouassi (UNAIDS Education Plus Nerve Center), Tlelase Bohlale Mokhele (YPGOL), Ikka Noviyanti (Youth LEAD), Irene Ogeta (ATHENA Network), Tinashe Rufurwadzo (Y+ Global), Alicia Sanchez Argueta (UNAIDS), Arushi Singh (UNESCO), Ariana Stahmer (UNESCO), Aaron Sunday (ANAYD), Tigran Yepoyan (UNESCO), Dana Zhamalbek (Dance4Life), and Ilya Zhukov (UNFPA). The recommendations also build on the original 2011 publication written by Peter Gordan, Joanna Herat and Adam Garner.

Finally, extra special thanks go to Joyce Ouma (Y+ Global) for leading the process from beginning to end in her capacity as Youth Lead for the Positive Learning partnership.

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